Inclusive Designer

Passionate and multi-faceted professional with 2+ years of combined academic and professional experience in inclusive design and design research. Focuses on service/experience design using principle of human-centered design. Conducts extensive standard and qualitative research at all project phases to ensure comprehension of user client needs in relation to detrimental environmental factors, allowing for efficient design initiatives and prototype implementation. Collaborates with and leads teammates through all project phases, and communicates with multiple internal departments to streamline task completion and lead design thinking in projects. Leverages 2+ years of professional experience in graphic design to develop dynamic content for multiple platforms.


Core Skills & Competencies

  • Inclusive, Service & Experience Design

  • Design Thinking & System Thinking

  • Qualitative Research Methods

  • End-to-End Design Research

  • User-Centered Design

  • Accessibility Resources

  • Multi-Department Collaboration

  • Co-Design Facilitation

  • External Relations

  • Outreach & Promotion

  • Project Development

  • Accessibility Toolkits


Professional Experience

Design Researcher & Outreach ManagerAccess Visual Art | Toronto , ON 



Managed promotional and outreach initiatives in final phase of project, based on experience at project start within the Inclusive Designer (Intern) position. Strengthened relationships with area and industry venues and organizations, provided numerous accessibility resources, and ensured complete team support and success.

Selected Accomplishments:

  • Created horizon map based on project success and goal accomplishment at completion, outlining opportunities for future expansion or development. Established concept prototypes for potential future funding and development.

  • Increased the organization’s contact list by 300%, from 40 to 120 associates, to increase business opportunities.

Key Responsibilities:


  • Marketing & Promotions: Led product promotion initiatives, focused on relevant organizations and publications, to initiate partnerships. Supported content development and distribution to partners and advertisers, ensuring brand identity consistency and positive project promotion.

  • Accessibility Toolkit & Resources: Compiled survey and research data to assemble resources for venues, allowing efficient accessibility improvement in cost-effective services and tools.

  • Prototypes & Horizon Map: Initiated and spearheaded horizon map development based on insight and recommendations developed during project involvement. Planned for future funding and expansion of project.

  • External Relations: Established contact with organizations and agencies to determine advertising options and conditions, providing content and promotional materials for external distribution. Conducted extensive outreach and networking with area groups, and strengthened existing contacts through frequent communication.

  • Team Collaboration: Coordinated with technical and design teams to design and implement new concepts for project promotion, and reported to project director to receive and delegate tasks to teammates.

  • Budget & Schedule Management: Oversaw the creation and maintenance of project budgets and schedules, accounting for possible and occurring delays at all phases. Ensured deliverable accomplishment on regular basis.

Inclusive Designer (Intern) | Access Visual Art | Toronto, ON   
May 2017 – Oct. 2017



Contributed to project start-up and establishment, with focus on data collection and organization’s digital presence. Collaborated extensively with internal teams to develop and design website landing page and establish comprehensive social media plans, including content creation, for regular organization activity online.

Selected Accomplishments as Inclusive Designer:


  • Supported development of information resource platform on accessibility of art venues for users of mobility assistive devices. Conducted extensive research to ensure accuracy and modernity of resource. Developed information resource for webinars and event use to assist with event planning and preparation.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Survey Distribution: Contacted venues and organizations to provide surveys on facility accessibility specifications. Utilized data to develop database, while communicating with venues to address survey requirement inquiries.


Website Design: Assisted during initial and final design phases, initiated by Akimbo Art Promotions, Access TO and the AVA collective. Focused on landing page functionality, accessibility, visual design, and capabilities while maintaining brand consistency.

Social Media & Content Plan: Developed organization’s plan for social media management and content development based on research of media and industry trends and interviews with social media specialists. Managed accounts according to concepts, accounting for additional postings for timely events.

Visual Designer | KhodChasb Co. | Tehran, IR                                              
Nov. 2015 – Apr. 2016
Graphic Designer | Altech Co. | Tehran, IR     
  Jul. 2014 – Jul. 2015

Academic Accomplishments

Master of Design, Inclusive Design | OCAD U | Toronto, ON

Selected Projects:


Creating Memory-Friendly Restaurants Through Sensory Experience Design

Collaborated with Kawartha Centre and a restauranteur to determine most effective service standards for customers with memory impairment and their families, operating as Lead Researcher and Experience Designer throughout project.

  • Recruited diverse range of participants to implement qualitative research, including interviews, observation, and individual diary entries. Contextualized research within restaurant setting, with goal of improving restaurant dining experiences for and with individuals with mild dementia and their families.

  • Defined touchpoints of dining experience, from initial arrival to departure, to understand sensory challenges, and synthesized data through thematic analysis.

  • Interviewed geriatricians, an interior designer, and a restauranteur to understand various aspects of customer and business requirements, with focus on possible improvements and developments to current models.

  • Developed prototype of design guidelines to improve restaurant environment for validation and feedback.

  • Conducted usability testing to determine functionality of prototype for customers and businesses.

  • Final report promoted by Restaurants Canada and non-profit research hub to great success.


Stroke Patient Transition & Support

Operated as Team Lead for 5-person group to assess complex needs and barriers facing stroke patients in close collaboration with Bridgepoint Active Healthcare.

  • Performed qualitative research with stakeholders, families, medical professionals, administrators and volunteers.

  • Facilitated co-design sessions to gather information, ideate, and develop ideas.

  • Communicated system progress and functionality to experts and healthcare providers by visualizing system using service blueprints, synthesis map, and causal loops.

  • Analyzed and synthesized data from 16+ participants to determine functionality and create storyboard.

  • Offered service design for transition and horizon map of strategic foresight activities for 5-year futures to Bridgepoint representatives at end of collaboration.

Master of Arts, Illustration | Art & Architecture University | Tehran, IR
Bachelor of Arts, Textile Design | Science & Culture University | Tehran, IR

Volunteer Expereince

Sep. 2018- Oct. 2018

Worked with access visual art on its first Roll-A-Thon guided tours for people using mobility devices. Being core member to the team of organizing the event. Developed access guide for the event; Produced Promotion materials.

Helped with the coordination, administration and facilitation works of the conference.

Oct. 2016


Boostani, R. (2018, May 11). Creating a Memory-Friendly Restaurant Through Sensory Experience Design. Available from


Boostani, R. (2018). Creating Inclusive Restaurants Through Sensory Experience Design. Available from


Boostani, R. (2013). Formation of Abstract in Contemporary Persian Painting. Art and Architecture University, Tehran, Iran.



Inclusive Design Program Award |OCAD University | Toronto, ON
May.  2018

Inclusive Design Program Award for exceptional achievement in research and creative practice.



Toronto Debate Club | Toastmasters International | Toronto, ON
Sep. 2018- present
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