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Through Social Inclusion

Inclusive Devices and Communities

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Graphic Designed by: Rezvan Boostani 

Icons from: thenounproject.com & flaticon.com

My Role:

I served as a design researcher designed planned and conducted the research process. I developed concepts and prototypes for possible solutions and future steps of the project.


In collaboration with: Alison Mulvale


For users of assistive devices to be considered for Ontario Assistive Devices Program, they need to navigate many complex systems such as healthcare which can often take a great deal of their time/resources. Based on one’s condition, this process may become more complex. These programs have strict criteria and various organizations have separate assessment process. If a user wants to apply for several programs; they need to apply separately, although offered programs have similar application requirements. This means users need to spend more time, effort and expenses to see if they qualify for the program. If they are rejected, they will not be reimbursed for what they have spent.


A central information system where individuals can apply and automatically through this system will be monitored and considered for the programs based on their eligibility. 


Research Methods
Rationale for the Method

Literature scan


Discover Current programs, eligibility criteria, user journey 

Informal Chats




Define need, barriers and goals

Discover gaps

Discover how the current system performs

Discover challenges with current programs

Data Analysis


Open and thematic coding were used to analyze qualitative methods' data and find themes

Iterative prototyping & iterative enquiry mapping


Refine personas and journey maps

Translate gathered data into visual tools like synthesis map to communicate the problem area and existing gaps also to propose intervention

Iterative enquiry mapping allows to discover the problem area and where the current service can be improved


The focus of literature scan was on exploring current programs relevant to mobility assistive devices and see how these programs are delivering service to users. Also, literature was reviewed to identify assistive devices program stakeholders.


Literature scan helped to narrow down the scope of the project to Ontario Assistive Devices program.


Developed & Designed by: Rezvan Boostani 

Empathized & Define

System Users

In discovery we interviewed users to better understand the system from users point of view. Users contributed to define needs, barriers and goals. To achieve that, diverse users were engaged. 


Sam's persona depicts the story of a child who uses assistive devices and is dependent on her parent/guardian for accessing these devices. Sam's persona also helps to discover the travel burden on

young families involved in getting care and assistive devices centrally.

persona 1.png

Persona of Chris illustrates the point of view of a young adult who has only recently needed inclusive devices and environments. As a result, Chris is still trying to navigate how to make his home and workplace more inclusive.

persona 2.png

Morgan's persona highlights the perspective of an adult whose experience with the assistive devices system happened later in her lifetime. Morgan also helps to explore solutions that users develop

when they are unable to access devices and services.

persona 3.png

Designed by: Alison Mulvalve | Icons from: www.flaticon.com/

Current Services and Barriers
Devices Context

Diagram below illustrates current services and barriers to access these service for our personas.

White icons represent services and unmet needs of Sam, the gray icons represent Chris and the black represent Morgan.

Developed & Designed by: Rezvan Boostani 

Icons from: www.flaticon.com & thenounproject.com

Synthesis Mapping

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