Examining the Exhibit: You and Me are the Other ‘17

Collaboration with Inclusive Design graduate students

OCADU Supervisors: Dr. Peter Coppin, Cheryl Giraudy, Beverly Dywan


Examining the exhibit was a mock-up exhibition, which took place at OCAD University Graduate Gallery, with the objective of rethinking accessibility to address the needs of diverse visitors with different learning and physical abilities in the exhibition setting. 


Some of the strategies that has been explored in the mock-up exhibition in order to make it inclusive to diverse visitors include:

  • Multimodal Presentation and Multisensory Interactions

  • Compatibility with Disability Aesthetics

Individual Installation

My  work consisted of several pieces, including a poster in which I depicted the methods that I would be using for my Major Research Project  (Create a Memory-Friendly Restaurant Through Sensory Experience Design). Also I presented a setting including a table, a chair, an ipod, a pair of earphones, photos depicting Mediterranean diet, and three bottles of leaves and spice to smell.


  • Improve the Nutritional Quality of the Served Population’s Diet

  • Participate meaningfully in Social and Community Life


Sensory design elements including olfactory, auditory, visual and tactile elements within a restaurant setting can impact dining experience.

This research project aims to develop design principles and interventions specific to restaurant setting in order to be inclusive to people with memory impairment due to aging and/or early stages of dementia.

To achieve this, various stakeholders will be engaged in the research process using the principle of the user-centered design and research.

Set of a table, a chair, an ipod, a pair of earphones, photos depicting food, and three bottles of leaves and spice to smell is presented for visitors to experience dining ambient in the exhibition and interact with it. This piece is presented to see how experience design can enhance dining experience.

Poster is a visual tool for visitors to navigate through the MRP process as the researcher predicts. 

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