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Hi, I’m Rezvan.

I’m a UX/CX strategy leader with more than 10 years of experience in designing for impact and inclusion in welfare, healthcare, culture, and fintech. Currently, I’m creating a framework to build inclusive and connected product experiences.


I started my career as an entrepreneur, starting my own business in fashion and textile design in Iran before moving to Canada to study inclusive design. I, since, worked on various projects related to inclusion, accessibility, and tech, including designing a streamlined transition service for stroke patients at Bridgepoint Rehab Hospital, creating a digital archive of accessible art venues and accessibility guidelines for creative spaces, and developing a digital repository and online community experience for a centre of indigenous visual knowledge and culture lab at OCAD University.

Inclusivity and accessibility are the main part of my product and service design practice. I completed Master of Design in Inclusive Design and am currently completing my PhD in human-computer interaction with a focus on AI-powered virtual assistants to create inclusive experiences for/with underrepresented groups. I am also passionate about the philosophy of AI, AI trust, fairness, ethics, and inclusion. I’m an active member of the broader inclusive design, AI, and tech communities.

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