Hi, I’m Rezvan.

I am a UX designer and researcher with a deep interest in the influence of creative practices on technology. I am passionate about bringing solutions to life that make the world a more accessible place. I practice Experience Design in multidisciplinary areas, with user-centered focus and advocacy for inclusion. I hold a Master of Design from OCAD University with concentration on Service and Experience Design.​


I am always looking to collaborate, participate, learn, ideate and prototype to bring ideas to life. My experience includes developing solutions in multidisciplinary areas like health, welfare, art and culture. My passion to support social engagement for everyone motivates me to engage in projects that are focused on improving experience for all.

Virtual Platform for Indigenous Art
An artwork directory and wiki platform with focus on Indigenous Artworks worldwide
Access Visual Art
an online information resource about physical accessibility information
of Ontario’s art venues
Creating Inclusive Restaurants
A set of restaurant design guidelines and staff training recommendations to improve access for persons with memory impairment
Streamlining Transition for Stroke Patients
A service design intervention to improve transition experience from hospital to home for stroke patients and their loved ones
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